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Tutorial Videos

■Introduction to Live2D Cubism Editor
Here we have a brief overview of the workflow for Live2D Cubism Editor.
If you want to learn more about particular functions, please refer to each tutorial video.

■Preparing Texture files (using Photoshop)
First, prepare an original raster image of a character, and set it up as a Texture asset.

■Mapping out drawable objects
Now work for modeling using the Live2D Modeler tool.

■Parts pallet and Edit pallet
About “Parts” pallet and “Edit” pallet.

■Setting draw (rendering) order for drawable objects
This is an explanation about the rendering order of drawable objects, and how to edit them.

■Types of Deformer
We can use Deformer in Live2D.
This is like a kind of folder where we can deform drawable objects, and this can store the deform path in itself.

■How to use Curve Deformer (English version coming soon)
Curve Deformer is like a folder where we can move the surface of drawable objects.

How to use Rotation Deformer   (English version coming soon)
Rotation Deformer is like a folder where we can rotate the position of assigned drawable objects.

■A parent-child hierarchy of Deformer (English version coming soon)
Deformers can store information as a nest of parent-child hierarchy.

■Set the movement for Motion Parameter (English version coming soon)
You can make settings of deformed drawable objects or Deformers in the Motion Parameter.

■Set Motion Parameters and “Parameters” pallet (English version coming soon)
This is an explanation about how to make settings of Motion Parameter and “Parameters” pallet.

■Animator tool overview
This is a brief overview of the Live2D Animator tool.