Using the sampleApp1

This is an explanation about the process from creating the Unity project to make Live2D model displayed using the SDK samples.

Things to prepare
  • Unity No need to be Unity Pro.
  • Live2D SDK (They are the "Live2D" folder, the "Scripts" folder, and the "Editor" folder that is in sampleApp1/Asset of
    downloaded Live2D SDK.)
  • The resource of Live2D 
You originally need to prepare the resource of Live2D according to the each model to be created.
We are going to explain it with the resource of a sample project "Shizuku".

  • LAppModel.cs

  • shizuku.moc.bytes
  • shizuku.model.json.bytes
  • shizuku.pose.json.bytes
  • shizuku.physics.json.bytes
  • motions a motion file in the folder
  • shizuku.1024/texture_00.png
  • shizuku.1024/texture_01.png
  • shizuku.1024/texture_02.png
  • shizuku.1024/texture_03.png
  • shizuku.1024/texture_04.png
  • shizuku.1024/texture_05.png

◆Create and prepare for the project

Let's create a new project and make a folder in the project view.

Select "Create" in the project view, and create five folders in "Folder", and rename them as "Editor", "Live2D", "Resources",
"Scene", and "Scripts".

◆Import Live2D SDK and the resource

Drag and drop the file in Live2D SDK's "Live2D" into the "Live2D" folder.

Drag and drop the folder in Live2D SDK's "Scripts" into the "Scripts" folder.

Drag and drop "CreateCanvas.cs" in Live2D SDK's "Editor" folder into the "Editor" folder.
After you add this file, you will see an item of "Live2D" in the menu bar.
If not, restart the editor.

Create a "live2d" folder in the "Resources" folder, then drag and drop the "shizuku" folder in Live2D SDK's "Resources/live2d" folder.

Then drag and drop the "Live2D_Canvas" folder in Live2D SDK's "Resources" folder into the "Resources" folder.

The project view is as below;

◆Create a plane surface to display Live2D model

From the menu bar, select "Live2D" - "Create Live2D Canvas" to create a place surface.
A plane surface is created in transparent with LAppModel.cs.

Rename it as you wish. We rename it "Live2D_Canvas_Shizuku" as an example.

The scene view and the game view are as below;

◆Set the LAppModel

Drag and drop the .json file for Shizuku's model into ModejJson of LAppModel which is linked to "Live2D_Canvas_Shizuku".

When you click the play button to find that the model is displayed, the setting is completed!