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Standard Structure of SDK

The Cubism SDK has a different distribution for each platform.
The structure of each SDK is as below:

 Live2D_SDK_[Platform name]_[Version]
    |--- lib
    |--- include
    |--- framework
    |--- sample    
    |--- ReadMe.txt

The ReadMe contains descriptions of version histories and license information.
Proprietary specification may also be written.

Lib folder
This folder includes library files like .lib or .a for each environment.
The library includes the rendering engine of the model and the mechanism to play the motion which will be the main body of SDK.
It may include the same materials with different build structures (ie. for debugging) depending on the environment.

Include folder
This folder includes the header file if the library language is C++.
This folder does not exist if the library language is in Java.

Framework folder
Live2D's framework is open source.
You can operate all functions of Live2D with the library only, but using this framework is highly recommended for more efficient development.

Sample folder
This sample folder includes the sample codes and the projects corresponding to each development environment.
You can build and execute it immediately if you have already installed your chosen development environment.
It includes the sample which is to display the Live2D model in the very basic structure as well as the sample to implement the basic functions using the framework.