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How to Install Applications

There are main three ways to install Live2D applications as below;

1. Use only the library and install all codes of application by yourself

This is the most flexible way, however you need to deeply understand of API when you want to use it in a complicated way.
It does not includes the codes to use the setting files of face expressions, the physics computation, or exchanging the pose, so you need to install them by yourself (these files are open and can be installed quite easily) or disuse them.

2. Use the framework and install other codes by yourself

To use the open source framework for Live2D which is created by Live2D Inc., you can develop it efficiently.
This framework is open source, and you can use or change the Live2D applications.

3. Modify the sample and re-create it

There are almost all standard functions to use framework in the sample, so this is the easiest way if you modify and install it in the applications.
You can easily set the model to be displayed using the sample code to load each file from JSON file.