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Guidelines for using Live2D characters

    Guidelines for using Live2D Inc's original characters and model data.

Live2D Inc.'s original characters and model data*(1) can be used for the purposes and by the users specified below: 

  • Individual Users*(2) and Small Businesses*(3) : Both Non-commercial and Commercial purposes.
  • Medium and Large entities :  Internal purposes only.

Following use of Live2D Inc.'s original characters and model data are prohibited. Any use which:
  • re-distribute the data;
  • may incur damage or deteriorate reputation and social credibility of Live2D Inc., Live2D, or any third party;
  • is contrary to public order or morality;
  • is unlawful under the laws and social conventions of the country in which Applicant resides, install or use the SDK, including but not limited to associating display of obscene objects, child prostitution, child pornography, and any other that violates laws and regulations aimed to protect child;
  • may infringe or potentially infringe right of any third party;
  • may seem to be or be potentially identified as an official Publishing by Live2D Inc. or by Live2D; and
  • is deemed inappropriate or disqualified by Live2D Inc..

  1. "Live2D Inc.'s original characters and model data" means characters and their respective model data shown and available in the Sample Data page, NOT including Hatasune Miku.
  2. “Individual User” means an individual, a student body, a private organization, or an educational institution. Any individuals or groups commissioned by or acts in favor of commercial companies or specific third parties (both individual and legal entities) will not be qualified as Individual User.
  3. “Small Business” means entities, both individuals and companies, with the annual gross revenues under ten million (10,000,000) JPY for the most recent fiscal year. An entity practically run by another entity with the annual gross revenue over ten million (10,000,000) JPY for the most recent fiscal year will not be qualified as Small Business.