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Switch Arm Posing with Cross-fade

When you try to switch arm posing in different shapes with cross-fade (fading out one image during fading in another one), it may sometimes occur that the layered part of drawable object becomes overly apparent.
You can solve this problem by shading off the outline of Texture.

How to shade off the outline of Texture

Left: Switch with ordinal method   Right: Switch with shading off the outline
(Clicking each image to play the GIF animations.)

You can find layered areas that will later be overly apparent while fading by decreasing opacity of drawable object to make it opaque.

First click the part name to select all drawable objects which you want to make be opaque.

Then change the value of Opacity in “Edit” window.
In this example, change the value to be 70%.

Now you spot the layered areas, you can edit the Texture’s outline to be shaded off.
You may enlarge where to shade off by checking it from “Edit Texture” - “Replace Texture” repeatedly.

You can display the GIF animation to see how they are made.