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Soft Selection Tool

You can move the points of drawable objects smoothly if you use the "Soft Selection" tool.

First, click the "Soft Selection" tool on the upper of the screen.

The cursor will then look like the following.
The functionality of this tool is similar to that of a paint brush tool in an art program--you can specify the selection area as if you were painting it.

Drag it to right or below while pressing the "Tab" key to make the circle bigger.
Drag it to left or above while pressing the "Tab" key to make the circle smaller.

Drag the cursor in a way such that you are painting the points of the drawable objects.

Thus you can make the variation of movement.
The points in a deeper shade of red will be pulled more, and the points selected with less color will be pulled less.

To move the points, change to the "Arrow" tool.

If you move the points, you can transform the part smoothly as below.

When you select it with "Lasso Select", only some points are selected and moved evenly which will result in jagged edges.