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Deform Path

You can use the Deform Path to express the soft deformation like hair or tails.

Here we are going to create the deformation of bound hair of the drawable object "D_HAIR_BACK_02" using the Deform Path function as an example.
(The parent of this drawable object is set as "Reference Plane".)

This is a button of Deform Path tool.

Click the "Deform Path" button while selecting the drawable object.

Using the Deform Path tool, place the Deform Path as to create a framework on the drawable object.

The relation between the Deform Path and the drawable object made successfully, the drawable object deforms along the path when you move the Deform Path.

If the relation did not make successfully, only the Deform Path moves and not the drawable object.

You can find the Deform Path in "Drawing", as it is treated as a drawable object.

Make a relation to the Motion Parameter

To make a movement using the Deform Path, make settings of Parameter while selecting both the Deform Path and the drawable objects.

Click the Parameter "SWING_BACK" to make the key values while selecting the Deform Path "D_HAIR_BACK_03" and the drawable object "D_HAIR_BACK_02".

Key values of -1, 0, and 1 are set.

Then move the Deform Path to create the hair shape of swinging from left to right.