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Save, export, and import Parts

You can export only the certain parts of the model if you use "Save Part" function.

You can take some parts from one model to reuse them with another model.

As the parent-child hierarchy of the Deformer is also reflected, and the error occurs if the parent Deformer ID is changed or missing.
It is recommended to import the parts to the model which has the same structure of the parent-child hierarchy, or release the parent-child hierarchy before executing "Save Part".

If you import the part, the Texture and the Motion Parameter that the part does not maintain are also imported.
Remember that if you import the part from a different model, a lot of unnecessary Motion Parameters may be also imported.

Import a part from the same model

Right-click the part name in "Parts" pallet and click "Save Part".

Check if the polygon or the Deformer is selected when you right-clicked.
If you right-click when nothing is selected, a blank part is saved as below.

Name it for saving, then a cmp file is exported.

You can import the file by dragging and dropping in the Modeler tool.

When you try to import the same part, the window as below appears as a reminder.
Click "OK" if there is no problem to complete.

Import the parts to a different model

As a test, import the Bangs of Shizuku to Haru.

Change the settings in "Parts Settings" window to be different from those of Haru beforehand.

Some Deformers' parents are set as "FACE ROTATION" Deformer of face parts, so change the Deformer setting to "Reference Plane".


Right-click "HAIR_FRONT_SHIZUKU" in "Parts" pallet and select "Save Part".

Open the file of Haru in the Modeler tool, then drag and drop the saved file to import the parts.

Open "Edit Texture" to see that the Textures are also imported.

You can see that all the Motion Parameters of Shizuku are added in "Parameters" pallet.
It is recommended to delete the Parameters which you do not want to add beforehand.