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Synthesize Corners

This is a function to create the model turning in upper left/right and lower left/right using the blending function after creating it turning up, down, left, and right directions.
Blending is the function available only with the PRO version, however you can use "Synthesize Corners" as a limited blending function with the FREE version.

We are going to create the model turning the face in eight directions as an example.

First, create the face turning in four directions - up, down, left, and right.




Unlock the parts locks in "Parts" pallet beforehand.
You can lock all or unlock all by clicking the lock icon as below.

Click "Parameters" - "Synthesize Corners".

"Synthesize Corners" window appears.

Select the parameters which you want to apply blending for "Parameter 1" and "Parameter 2" in "Parameters" section.
We are going to create the face in XY directions in this example, so select "ANGLE X" and "ANGLE Y".

Two parameters select here should have at least three point keys of minimum, maximum, and the middle (in the middle of Min and Max) of the parameter value.
These three keys are needed for blending, and the process will be canceled without them.

You can make settings of blend mode and target in the "Option" section.
We select "All Draw Objects and Deformers" for "Target", as the face direction is created from drawable objects and Deformers.

The faces turning in four directions are generated after clicking "OK".

If you find that the shape is not natural, fix it manually.

It is completed after fixing.