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What You Should Not Do When Mapping Polygons

Do not re-position polygon vertices in "Edit Texutre" window

Do not re-position vertices when mapping polygons in Edit Texture window.

If you want to move a polygon vertex, always delete it first and then create a new one in Edit Texture window.

If you map polygons as below,

It will be displayed on the canvas as below.
If you slide a vertex (with Ctr) as below,

It will be displayed on the canvas as below, which becomes a different image from the original.

Instead, delete the vertex and then add a new one as below.

It will be displayed correctly on the canvas.

Do not map out several regions at once
You cannot place several regions in one Texture editing procedure.
If you map polygons into two regions, they will be recognized as one drawable object to be placed.


You need to map polygons to place only one region.

■Part is not enclosed completely.

The edge of the polygon is sometimes displayed to be cut off on the canvas if you see without zooming it up. If you make it move or deform on the actual machine, there may be flicker on the screen.

It is recommended to map polygons with some margins remained.

■The shape of polygon is narrow triangle.

It is desired that the shape of polygon is regular triangle.
You should avoid making it with narrow triangle as it may be deformed unexpectedly.

■Place anchor points outside the Texture image

This may happen when mapping polygons for Texture with a lot of parts.
You may think that you completed mapping polygons successfully, however anchor points outside Texture will link to ones of different Texture image to display unexpected part which may cause noise