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Notes When Deleting Motion Parameters

You need to pay attention when deleting Motion Parameters, otherwise you will find Deformers to be transformed as you have not expected.

To delete Motion Parameters successfully, you do not delete key values of all Motion Parameters at once, but you need to delete except the key value (“0” and so on) which makes the same shape as the guide image first, then delete the last one remained.

Example You Should Not Do

Select “BOUNDHAIR SWING” Deformer.
The key value for “HAIR BACK” Motion Parameter is already set.

Open “Edit Parameters” window of “HAIR BACK” Motion Parameter.

Delete all key values using “Delete All Points” button or from memory, then click "OK".

You could delete the key value of the Motion Parameter, however you may find that the shape of Deformer is transformed unexpectedly.

Example You Should Do

You need to delete other key values except the key value of “0” for the shape of guide image remained, not delete all key values at once.

Delete the key value of “0” in the end.

This time you can delete Motion Parameter successfully.