Switch Arm Posing

For the sample model “Haru”, there are two sets of arm A and arm B.

To switch arm posing, you may think to do it by showing or hiding two sets of arms using the Motion Parameter’s settings and opacity of Texture.
This is possible by creating a new Motion Parameter of “Switch Arm Posing” to change the opacity of arms by the Parameter, however adding a new one causes the settings of Motion Parameter of arms be complicated.

Instead, you can switch arm posing by showing or hiding the parts, not by Motion Parameters.

In the Modeler tool, create four arms in two sets and treat each four of them separately.
Then you can switch arm posing by showing or hiding (icon of an eye) each four arm.
Show arm sets A & B
 Arm set A
Arm set B

You can control to show or hide them with the Animator tool or the program.
With the Modeler tool, all you need is to make settings to switch arm posing by showing or hiding them.

When you export a moc file, you need to do it while all images of arms are displayed, as shown in the upper left image.

If you export a file when the arm set B is hidden, the file will be exported only with arm set A, and you cannot display arm set B in the program as arm set B does not exist in the file.

When you try to export a .cmox file which is used in the Animator tool, it is recommended to export it while all images of arms are displayed as well.

To create the motion corresponding to switching arm posing, refer to Create Motions with Switching Arm Posing.