Place Collision Detection

You may create Collision detection to use for reaction when touching the model by pasting the polygon with no Texture.

Cut off a part with no image existing, like the edge of Texture.
(It is cut off in square in the example below, however you can cut off in any shape.)

Place the cut-off polygon on where to be used for Collision detection.

You need to place Collision detection on the part which is always displayed in any patterns (“core parts” in this sample), not on the part which is hidden when exchanging clothes or arm posing.

Change the Part ID to recognize if the part is used for Collision detection or not.
We make a rule for the sample here to name Part ID to be “D_REF.PT_HEAD” for the Collision detection of head, and to be “D_REF.PT_BODY” for the Collision detection of body, and add “D_REF.” for the ID for Collision detection.
You can make a rule to name Part ID for Collision detection of your own with the developer.

How to check the point index

You can check the point index by adding a check mark in “Show Point Index” check box in “Edit Texture” window.
You may need them for collision detection in the program.