Setting of Avatar Parts

This page is no longer valid. There has been a specification change in SDK for Extendable Applications (Avatar). Please inquire directly for Extendable Applications (business only).

Parts settings of the sample model “Haru” are compatible with Avatar Parts.

You can export following three types of Avatar Parts “Body”, “ArmL A”, “ArmR A”, “ArmL B”, and “ArmR B” as below.

When you look up the body parts, you will find

that there are two types of parts – one with numbers in the end of Part ID, and others without numbers.

A part without number in the end of Part ID will be the initial (default) state of the part.
A part is set to display nothing at the initial state, so a part contains no drawable object or Deformer.

A part with a Part ID number in the end is an alternative part switchable using the avatar system.
To add switchable alternative parts, you can add alternative part with serial ID #numbers like “003” and “004”.
You can skip the number like “100” or “101”.

Refer to this page about exporting Avatar Parts.

When exporting a moc file, you need to display parts that are without ID numbers in the end of Part ID, and hide parts that are with numbers.