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Workflow of Creating a Model

Followings are the workflow of creating a model;

After preparing the guide image and Texture, go to Live2D Cubism Modeler tool to create a model.

 Guide image
 Texture materials (Body)
 Texture materials (Face)

Create drawable objects from Texture and place them  (Place the Texture

・Create a new file in a canvas of the same size as the guide image to place the guide image.
・Map polygons in Texture  (How to Map Polygons)(Notes When Mapping Polygons
・Set Draw Order  (Draw Order
・Generate parts items  (Generate Parts

Place Deformers  (Deformers

・Plan the structure of Deformers  (Structure of Deformers (as a Whole)) 
・Place Deformers on drawable objects and make settings of parent-child hierarchy   (Place Deformers

Make settings of the Motion Parameters for motion  (Motion Parameters

・Assign parameters to Deformers and drawable objects for motion  (How to Set Motion Parameters)(Notes When Deleting Motion Parameters

It is recommended to set motions in the following order.

          1. Incline the Neck to right or left, with Angle Z
                     Face with Angle Z → Hair (as seen from the rear) with Angle Z

2. Deform the face parts like brows or mouth  (Set the Motion (in XY Directions))(Set the Motion (in a Parent-Child Hierarchy)

3. Face angle in horizontal directions, with Angle X
Outline of the face  →  Face parts (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc.)  → Hair

4. Face angle in vertical directions, with Angle Y

Outline of the Face → Face parts (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc.)  → Hair

5. Hair swing

6. Body angle in horizontal directions, with Body Rotation X
Body parts (Body, clothes, bottom) → Neck Position → Arm Position

7. Arm movement

8. Movement of a whole body
Breath → Body Rotation Z

Check the movement by sliding the bar of Motion Parameter.