A Child Deformer is Placed Outside of the Parent Deformer

In the process of modeling, a child Curve Deformer may become outside of the parent Curve Deformer by mistake.

The object outside of the parent Deformer becomes to be hided and cannot be selected.

In this case, you may add a check mark in “Extend Deformer” check box.

After adding a check mark here, you can edit the object even if it is in the outside of the parent Deformer.

However, pay attention that outlying elements will not be displayed during real-time rendering as shown in Caution, so remember to clear the check box after fixing the object to back to the modeling procedure.


Edit a drawable object of Bangs which has a parent Curve Deformer.

You add a polygon on the right side by mistake.

As the object is placed outside of its parent Deformer, Bangs is disappeared from the image.
You cannot even select it.

In this case, add a check mark in “Extend Deformer” check box.

Then you can see the object outside of its parent Deformer for fixing.

After fixing to place the object inside of its parent Deformer, it will be displayed even after clearing “Extend Deformer” check box.

This time you added a polygon by mistake, so you delete it.

The fixing is completed.