Process of Editing Texture

In the process of editing Texture, you enclose the Texture image with anchor points and lines for mapping out polygons to place Texture as drawable object on canvas.

When an anchor point is added, it will be automatically linked to the previous point in a line.
If you add an anchor point crossing an existing line, it will not be linked to a line.

・Add an anchor point

・Delete an anchor point
  Alt + Click on the anchor point

・Add an anchor point without changing point focus
  Space+ click
  (This is useful when you want to add lines radially.)

・Delete a line
  Add an anchor point on the line and delete it.
Or click “Edit Line” button to change the mode and click the line.

Move a polygon
  Ctrl+ drag



・Automatically generate polygon from point
  Or click “Automatically generate polygon from point” button.
(This is a function to link unlinked anchor points in a line automatically.
If you make a good use of this function, you can create polygons quicker.
However, keep it in mind that some lines may be linked in the way you are not expected.)