Draw Order

During the procedure of Texture setting, some drawable objects may be layered in a wrong order.
This problem can be solved by setting the value of “Draw Order”.

Each drawable object has a value of “Draw Order” of its own.

This value is from 0 to 1000, and the greater the value is the more in front the object comes.

When there are two objects with same values, the lower one in “Parts” pallet comes in front.

When both of “D_FACE.00” and “D_FACE.01” in “Face” part have same values of “500”, “D_FACE.01” comes in front.

When the value of “D_FACE.00” is “600” and “D_FACE.01” is “500”, “D_FACE.00” comes in front.

The guide image has the value of “1000” and places at the bottom, so it always comes in front.

■Setting draw order

All drawable objects except guide image have the draw order value of “500” when generated.
Change the values with referring Default Drawing Order.

Click ID of drawable object which you want to change the draw order and keep it selected.
You can adjust the order by changing the value of “fill” in the “Change Draw Order” in “Parts” pallet.

There is no difference if you change the value of “line”.

Click the arrow button in the right of the value, you can change the value by 1, 10, or 100 units.

■Default Drawing Order

When you place a drawable object in the parts item where there is no drawable object yet, the value of Default Drawing Order is adopted for draw order value.

When you place a drawable object in the parts item where there is already other drawable object existing, the value of draw order in “Edit” pallet is adopted.
In short, the value of draw order for the object which previously selected is adopted.