Set the Motion (in XY Directions)

To set motions of “ANGLE X” or “ANGLE Y” to turn the face in vertical and horizontal directions is the most important process in the whole modeling process.
There are a lot of parts for face which needs variety ways of deformation, so you may find it a little difficult to cope with in the beginning.

Here we make an example to set the motion for Motion Parameters of eyeball X and Y, “EYEBALL X” and “EYEBALL Y” in nine directions of X and Y.

Select “EYEBALL L CURVE” Deformer to set the key value to “-1”, “0”, and “1” in “EYEBALL X” Parameter.

Adjust the division of “EYEBALL X” bar in “Parameters” pallet to “0” to create the eyeball in the middle position, then move “EYEBALL L CURVE” Deformer to left.

Adjust the division of “EYEBALL X” bar to “-1”, and move “EYEBALL L CURVE” Deformer to left.

The horizontal motion of left eyeball “EYEBALL X” is completed.
Next we make a setting of the vertical motion “EYEBALL Y”.

Set the key value to “-1”, “0”, and “1” in “EYEBALL Y” Parameter, like in “EYEBALL X”.

Click a blank space on the left of “EYEBALL X” in “Parameters” pallet.

Then two bars of “EYEBALL X” and “EYEBALL Y” Parameters are united into one to be a square with nine points.

Only the horizontal motion is set so far, accordingly motions to left, middle, and right are copied to the each of upper and lower rows, as below.
You need to set six motions of upper left, upper, upper right, lower left, lower, and lower right manually.

First, set vertical motions of the middle.
Select “EYE L CURVE” Deformer to move upward or downward, just the same as horizontal motion.

Then set vertical motions of left and right.
Horizontal motions are already set, so move upward or downward from one of them.

You need to add a little deformation like aligning the eyeball inside or transforming the shape of eye for smooth motion, depending on the character’s appearance like above sample “Hibiki”.

We have completed to make all nine motion settings.