How to Set Motion Parameters

This topic is to explain how to set Motion Parameters.

You need some technique to delete Motion Parameters once you set them after deforming the object, so please also refer to "Notes When Deleting Motion Parameters" for details.

How to Set Motion Parameters
Select the object (drawable object or Deformer) to set a Motion Parameter.
In this example, we click to select the drawable object of left brow.

After selecting it, click “BROW_L_FORM” in “Parameters” pallet to open “Set Parameters” window.

Check that “Parameter to be edited” is “BROW_L_FORM”, as you have selected.

Now set the value for the Motion Parameter of the memory.
We want to set “-1”, “0”, and “1” here, so click each value on the scale, or click “Three-Point Insertion” button.

After inserting three points, click "OK" to close the window.

Three green points are displayed in “BROW_L_FORM” in “Parameters” pallet.
These green points indicate the key values of Motion Parameter.

Motion Parameter setting is completed.

Another way to set Motion Parameters
Select the drawable object to set a Motion Parameter.
Here click to select the drawable object of left brow, same as before.

Click the bar in the left of “BROW_L_FORM” in “Parameters” pallet.
A small window appears, then you set each division of the bar to “-1”, “0”, and “1” and click [+] button. 

You can also adjust the ruler marks by dragging or clicking the value.

You can set the key value to click [+] button, or release the key value on the Parameter to click [-].