How to Adjust the Motion Parameter

This topic is to explain how to adjust the value of Motion Parameter.

When you right-click the key value on the Parameter, a small window appears to adjust the value of Motion Parameter.


Click “Select” button to select an object with Motion Parameter setting.
This is useful when you want to fix all the values of Motion Parameters at once.

The object to be selected here depends on the edit mode.
You can select a drawable object when “Arrow” tool is selected, or you can select a Deformer when “Edit Deformer” tool is selected.


Click “Reflect” button to reflect the key value of the Parameter.

This is useful when you set the key value inversely and want to fix.

Here we have an example of using the Reflect setting. You have set the value of “0” when the mouth is open and set the value of “1” when the mouth is closed with “MOUTH_OPEN” Parameter.


Click “Select” button to select a object which you want to adjust, and click “Reflect” button.

Then the shape in “0” becomes “1”, and the shape in “1” becomes “0”.
The setting is fixed to close the mouth with “0”, and to open the mouth with “1”.



You can change the key value which was set previously.

Click “Adjust” button to display “Value Adjustment” window.
You can change the key value by entering “Value After Change”.

You can adjust key values flexibly by exchanging or reducing them as in the image below.

After fixing the change, “Parameters” pallet becomes as below.
You can see that the shape of “0” is changed and the key value is moved.


You can exchange the assigned Motion Parameter to another.

Click “Change” button to display “Change Parameter” window.
Select a Motion Parameter to exchange.

You can exchange to “BROW_R_FORM” Motion Parameter.