Motion Parameters

Motion Parameters
With Motion Parameters, you can quantify the moderation of specific “motion”.
You can create Motion Parameters by combining each object to “motion” to deform them according to the value of Motion Parameter.

The motion you created with the Motion Parameter will be used for the character’s movement in the Animator tool.

Set Parameters
When you click “Set Parameters” button in “Parameters” pallet, “Set Parameters” window appears to show all the settings.
You can create a new value, edit, delete or change the order of Motion Parameters here.
Items in this window are as follows;

Name of the Motion Parameter.

Default value of the Motion Parameter.

The range of minimum and maximum values of the Motion Parameter.
It is set from -30 to 30 for the angle X and Y of face direction as it is expected to turn around in 30 degrees. And it is set from 0 to 1 or from -1 to 1 for opening or closing eyes or swinging hair, as these situations may differ.
You can arrange the range of value, so you better to set value which is easy to recognize.

ID number for the Motion Parameter.
When you create several models to set the Motion Parameters with the same ID, you can share the motion data in the Animator tool later.
You need to pay attention to change ID when you fix the character after creating the motion, as changing ID causes to delete its motion.

You can see descriptions of how to add a Motion Parameter.
You better to write down the description to standardize how to add a Motion Parameter when you create the model with several operators.