Export a moc File

When the modeling is completed, export a moc file.

A moc file is an actual data of Live2D model to be used in applications.
Its filename extension is “.moc”.

Before exporting, display all parts to be exported and hide the parts which you do not use for the moc file on the display.

Then click “Export .moc file” from “File” menu.

“Export Settings” window appears, check the default settings and click "OK" if you do not need to change any settings.

After specifying the file name and where to save, a moc file with several folders of Textures in different image sizes are generated.

Only the Textures which are used for parts displayed are exported in the Texture folder, as below.

Sequential outputting of parts display group

When you use “Display Group” to group the parts, you may export a moc file by adding a check mark in “Sequential outputting of parts display group” check box in “Export Settings” window.

Moc files with the same names as of groups are exported.