Output Parts for Avatar

This function is available with PRO version only.

※ The Modeler tool used in this page is alpha version, not the latest stable version.

Here let's export the eye part of the model “Hibiki”.

Right-click the part that you want to export, and select “Save Avatar Part(for avatar use)”.

“Output Settings” window appears.
Add a check mark in “into individual polygons and output” check box.
Click "OK" to start exporting after entering the folder name to be exported.

If you export it with the folder name of “parts_src”, a folder with files will be generated as shown below.

If you check “tex512” folder, you will see drawable objects are exported into separate files as below image.

If you clear the check box, the entire Texture to which each drawable object belongs to is outputted.
You may choose this option if it fits your usage.

It is recommended to use each of outputted part data in the directory structure as below.

Each part ID which starts with "PARTS_01" needs to be the same as of the one set in the Modeler tool.

In this example, all of the followings are "base part ID"s.
None of them has drawable objects or Deformers.

The number like "001" which is after the base part ID is called "avatar part number".
The ID which is the combination of the base part ID and the avatar part ID like above is called "avatar part ID".

The directory of the avatar part ID includes the part data and the Texture.
The part data is usually exported with the name of "data.bkparts".
The Texture is usually exported with the format of "tex_{number}.png" in "tex512" folder.
{number} is the index number which starts with 0.
This index number differs from normal Textures and has no leading zero. (e.g. number 1 is just "1", not "01".)
This number is called "part Texture number".