Structure of Deformers

When you create Deformers, you may decide the position, size, and parent-child hierarchy according to which part you want to move and how you want to move.
So it is important to picture the character’s movement beforehand.
You better to refer to the sample models in the beginning.

■“Deformer” Pallet

In “Deformer” pallet, you can check the parent-child hierarchy of components (Deformers and drawable objects) in tree structure.
Click the arrow button while
the object is selected, and the object is focused with red frame and becomes easy for you to check the hierarchy.

■Structure of Deformers, in the case of sample model “Hibiki”

The structure of Deformers of the sample model “Hibiki” is as follows.
Please refer to each explanation about Deformers and drawable objects.