Place Deformers

How to set Deformers

After placing all drawable objects, make settings of Deformers.
Place a parent Deformer to each drawable object first, as drawable objects are deformed by Deformer, then make settings of a parent-child hierarchy.

Select a part with which you want to create Deformer.

Click “Create Deformer” button in the upper tool bar and “Create Deformer” window appears on the screen.

Start to make settings from “Basic” tab.
Here we set “Curved Surface” for “Types of Deformer”, “2 x 2” for “Number of Bezier divisions”, and “8 x 8” for “Number of conversion divisions”, and click "OK" to create a Deformer.

A new Deformer is created in the middle of the canvas.
Adjust the frame size to place drawable objects inside.

You can find “Deformer” in the “Grid” in “Parts” pallet.

Click with pressing [Shift] key to resize keeping its aspect ratio, click with pressing [Alt] key to resize with its center as a pivot.
(You need to enable “Edit Deformer” when editing it. Click “Edit Deformer” button to change when “Arrow” tool is enable. It will be changed to “Edit Deformer” after “Create Deformer” automatically.)

When size adjustment is completed, click arrow button to edit drawable objects.
Select a drawable object you want to enclose inside the Deformer.

Click the Deformer’s name from “Deformer” pull-down menu in “Edit” pallet.

The setting of a parent-child hierarchy of the drawable object and the Deformer is completed.

The part placed inside the Deformer can be deformed with Deformer’s editing points or handles.

How to create Deformer from selected parts quicker

Next, let's have a look how to create a Deformer with less operation.

Click “Create Deformer” button with selecting the drawable object which will be a child Deformer.

When you open “Create Deformer” window while the part is selected, you can add a check mark in “Set to the parent of the selected object (curved/image).” check box.
Add a check mark here and click "OK".

Then a Deformer with enclosing selected drawable object is created and is automatically set as the parent of the part.

Adjust the size of Deformer if needed.
If you adjust it with pressing [Ctrl] key, you can resize it with keeping the shape of drawable object.

[Useful Hint] How to set several Deformers as a parent for one part
Regarding a hierarchy of hair expression, the drawable object is set as the child of “Hair” Deformer, and the “Hair” Deformer is set as the child of “XY directions” Deformer.

Here we make settings of the layers of Deformers of a parent-child hierarchy above quicker.

Take up to create bangs as an example.

First, click “Create Deformer” button while selecting a drawable object that you want to set to be a child.

Make settings for each item in “Create Deformer” window, and add a check mark in “Set to the parent of the selected object (curve/image).” check box, then click "OK".
Here we set “3 x 2” for “Number of Bezier divisions”, and “8 x 8” for “Number of conversion divisions”.

A Deformer is created.
Enlarge the Deformer with pressing [Ctrl + Shift + Alt] keys (this 1st deformer will be a parent of deformers to be made later).
By pressing these three keys, you can edit the Deformer with “keeping the shape of the child”, “keeping the ratio”, or “resizing with the center as a pivot”.

Click the arrow button to select the drawable object again.

Then make settings of the Deformer in “Create Deformer” window as above (this 2nd deformer will be a child of the 1st deformer).
You will see that the parent Deformer is what you have just set as one in “Associated Deformer” pull down list.
After all settings are completed, click "OK".

Here we have two Deformers with parent-child hierarchies.

You can enlarge the Deformer to select a part and click “Create Deformer” button to increase Deformers, if needed.