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Set the Pose

You can create a setting file with json format which is used to reflect the settings of exchanging the arm posing of the model or the motion.
You better to export the model data (a .moc file) beforehand as it is used in the model viewer.

Group setting of pose

From the "File" menu, select "Add" - "Pose".

The pose setting named "pose" is added.

You can see all Parts ID that are created from the cmox file by clicking "pose.json".

You can create a pose setting file which you can share even if you have created several moc files to exchange the clothes.

Find out the Part ID of an arm to set the group number (group No).

Only one part is displayed from the group which has the same group number.

Sample Parts structure is as below, and the group settings are as above.

PARTS_01_ARM_L_A_001 → ArmL ArmsetA Clothes1 → 0
PARTS_01_ARM_R_A_001 → ArmR ArmsetA Clothes1 → 1
PARTS_01_ARM_L_B_001 → ArmL ArmsetB Clothes1 → 0
PARTS_01_ARM_R_B_001 → ArmR ArmsetB Clothes1 → 1

In our sample we have created the left arm part and the right arm part separately, however if you created one arm set (right and left arms together) into one part, the setting may be as below.

PARTS_01_ARM_A_001 → Arm Set A Clothes 1 → 0
PARTS_01_ARM_B_001 → Arm Set B Clothes 1 → 0

When the setting is completed, try to load the motion with the setting of exchanging arm posing and play it.
If the setting is completed successfully, the arm posing will be exchanged.

A parent-child hierarchy of the pose

You need to make settings of a parent-child hierarchy by setting "parent ID" of arm parts with other clothes except the arm parts with which the show or hide settings are done with the motion.

The arm part with which a parent is set in "parent ID" column will do the same exchanging as of the parent part.

The sample part structure is as below, so its group setting is as above.

PARTS_01_ARM_L_A_002 → ArmL ArmsetA Clothes2 → PARTS_01_ARM_L_A_001
PARTS_01_ARM_R_A_002 → ArmR ArmsetA Clothes2 → PARTS_01_ARM_R_A_001
PARTS_01_ARM_L_B_002 → ArmL ArmsetB Clothes2 → PARTS_01_ARM_L_B_001
PARTS_01_ARM_R_B_002 → ArmR ArmsetB Clothes2 → PARTS_01_ARM_R_B_001

If you create one arm set (right and left arms together) into one part, the setting may be as below.

PARTS_01_ARM_A_002 → ArmsetA Clothes2 → PARTS_01_ARM_A_001
PARTS_01_ARM_B_002 → ArmsetB Clothes2 → PARTS_01_ARM_B_001

Select a Part ID which you want to set as a parent and right-click it to select "Copy ID", then right-click in the column of parent ID and select "Copy ID" to paste the Part ID.

Export a JSON setting file

You can export a JSON setting file from "File" menu, select "Write" - "Pose".
You better to name the file like "haru.pose.json" not "haru_01.pose.json" of the default setting, since the file is shared to be used with each moc file of clothes.

The json file export is completed.