Add a Physics Computation to a Motion (an mtn File)

This is a function available with the Live2D Viewer version 1.1.5 or later.
Please update if you use the previous one.

You can add a physics computation like swinging the hair for an mtn file which is exported by the Animator tool.
Moreover, you can export a movie with the physics computation by loading an mtn file which added the physics computation in the Animator tool.

First, load a model data (a moc file), a physics computation setting (a json file), and a motion (an mtn file) in the Live2D Viewer.

Select the motion to which you want to add the physics computation, and click "Record parameters.".

When you click the "Record parameters." button, a window to select a Parameter to be recorded appears.

Add a check mark to the Parameter which you want to add.

Then the motion is started and recorded the value of the selected Parameter.
*Do not move the model during this operation.

After the recording is completed, the recorded Parameter value is displayed.
Press "Save" button to save the mtn file.

*If something is wrong with the motion of added physics computation.

Do not touch the model during recording.
Or try to select "Stop All Motions" or "Set Parameters at Default" from the "Edit" menu as below before recording the motion and exporting.