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Set the Motion

You can make settings regarding playing the motion.

The settings you made here will be exported in a model's setting file of model.json.

Fade-in (ms)
It is the time (ms) to exchange to this motion.
When you want to create a motion of being surprised and exchange it quickly, change the value here into small.
Fade-out (ms) 
It is the time (ms) to exchange to the next motion.

Refer to this page regarding the structure of fade-in and fade-out.

Add a check mark to play the motion repeatedly after playing. 
(This setting is for Viewer only, and is not exported to model.json.)

Loop fade-in 
Add a check mark to play the motion with fading.
(This setting if for Viewer only, and is not exported to model.json.)

It is to specify the voice sound file to play with the motion.
Only mp3 (a file format for loading on FlashPlayer) is acceptable as to play on the Viewer. 

Enter the group name of the motion with alphanumeric characters.
Set it as "idle" and from the "Animation" menu click "Idling Motion" to play the motion automatically.
Common group names frequently used in the sample are "tap_body", "pinch_in", "shake", or "flick_head", and it is recommended to divide them into the groups of the situations when they are played.

Press the button to play the motion.

Record Parameters.

If you press the button the window as below appears to select the Parameter, and you can register the Parameter to an mtn file.
This is used mainly to export the physics computation set by the Viewer to an mtn file.
Refer to this page about the usage.