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Export a Model Setting File

You can export the settings which you made in the Viewer into a json format file.

You need to export settings beforehand that are enable to be exported into a file, like the physics computation, face expressions, or posing.

From the "File" menu, select "Write" - "Setting File".

When you click "Setting File", the window as below appears.

Enter a file name to be exported.

Relative path
A file path used in a setting file is usually an absolute path (full path), however you can export it with a relative path by adding a check mark here.

Remove texture extension
You can export a Texture file without adding an extension (.png).
This is useful, since you need to remove the extension from the Texture when you use a model.json file with SDK of Unity.

Click "OK" and specify the folder to export the setting file.

When you drop the model.json file which you exported, all the settings are reflected and loaded.