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Set the Face Expressions to Export

When the .mtn files of the face expression are completed, create a .son file using the model viewer.
A model data (a .moc file) is used in the model viewer, so export it in the Modeler tool beforehand.

Start up the Viewer and load the model data

Open the Live2D Viewer from the page below.

After starting up the viewer, drag and drop the .moc file.

The model data is loaded in the viewer.

Load the motion data

From the "File" menu, select "Read" - "Expression Mtn".

All .mtn files of face expressions are loaded.

If the .mtn files are loaded successfully, they are added to the "expressions" folder.

If you select one of them, you can see the value (the default value is 500 millisecond) of fading to exchange the face expressions as well as the Motion Parameter value set in the mtn file of the face expression.
You can change the setting as needed.

 Eye Open

When you want to create the face expressions with smiling eyes, eyes wide opened, or staring eyes, the model will blink naturally if you set the Motion Parameter value of EYE OPEN as "Multiplication Mode".

To change to Multiplication Mode, right-click the Motion Parameter name and select "Multiplication Mode".

When the multiplication method is set, the Motion Parameter value becomes in blue as below.

Export the JSON setting file

You can export the JSON setting file from the "File" menu select "Write" - "All Expressions" (or "Expression Mtn").

The file exporting is completed.
Files are exported with the same number as of the face expressions.