Texture / Texture file

An illustration to be the guide image which is decomposed in each detailed part, and place all of these parts into a plane surface not to be overlapped to each other.
It is often created with the PNG format, and the image size is a square of two to the Nth power (256 x 256, 512 x 512, 1024 x 1024, or 2048 x 2048).


It is a triangle created from the points for editing or deforming, or its set.
The individual object separated from the Texture by polygon and placed on the canvas is called "drawable object".

Mapping the polygon

This is to map the polygons for each part of the Texture.
Open "Edit Texture" window in the Modeler tool to assign polygons for adding the points.

Drawable object

This is an object unit which is separated by assigning polygons on the part of Texture, and is used for editing and deforming.
Each drawable object is consisted from mapped polygons and a part of Texture which is surrounded by.


This is a unit to be treated as an element of a character like "Eyebrow" or "Nose".
Each part is basically consisted from one or more inside drawable object(s) or Deformer(s).

This is a "movement" to be created by adjusting the Motion Parameter in the Animator tool.

Create or add a motion

This is to add the "movement" by adjusting the Motion Parameter in the Animator tool.

This is a unit of an animation which is consisted from one or more motion(s) on the timeline.
You can create or edit several scenes in the Animator tool.

Motion data

This is a file which is exported a motion file included in the scene with a format (.mtn) to be invoked.