Q: 【Transfer (cancel) the license】
Can I renew the computer? Is there any problem about technical or contractual matters?

A: There is no problem technically and contractually if you cancel the license on the present computer first before using a new computer.
To cancel the license, start the Live2D Cubism Editor on the present computer and select "Help" - "Cancel the license" to cancel it. (You need to connect to the internet.) Then download and install the Live2D Cubism Editor to your new computer and use the same license key.

Q: The following error occurs, then press "OK" button to be "Trial mode (dated xxx)" on the screen.

Rehostable hostid exists (-153)

A: This is a bug on GUI, and there is no problem to continue using it as "continue the trial".  This GUI bug is as of ver_1.0.02 (2013/06/04) which is being modified, and it is expected not to occur with ver_1.0.03 or later.

Q:  The following error message appears and cannot register when I try "Register the license key" with the Cubism Editor.

Cannot connect to specified URL (-132)

A: This is a communicational error when the client PC cannot access to the server for license activation. There are two possible reasons.

1. [The computer you are using is not online.] The first activation need to be executed through the internet. Register the license key after setting the computer online (network connection).

2. [Automatic communication of applications is not allowed with the computer security] There may be a possibility that the automatic communication of applications is not allowed with the security software or computer settings, or
application communication is not allowed by the internetwork like Proxy server etc.
It is thought to be possible to execute the activation to register the license key after allowing the application communication.
***IMPORTANT*** We are not responsible for any change of security settings.