C# version

Q. Which platform can I use with the C# version?

You can use any platform as long as it corresponds to Unity.

Q. The Live2D model cannot be drawn even after execution.

Because of certain specifications, you cannot call the draw function with Update().
You should call the update or draw function inside OnPostRender() or OnRenderObject() instead.

Q. The range of Collision Detection is shifted a little upward.

This is because of the bug inside the sample code of version 1.0.00.
Please use sample version 1.0.01 instead as we have fixed this aforementioned error.

Q. When exporting the Texture with an actual machine like iPhone, it compresses and sometimes results in an unclear image.

In the inspector, change the "Format" setting from "Compressed" to "Truecolor" in "Inspector" view to prevent this problem.
After changing the setting to "Truecolor", the image will be exported as is.

Q. Is it possible to set layers for a Live2D model?

A. Please note that you cannot set layers for a Live2D model because of the specification.

Q. I cannot display the game object with semitransparent material settings in front of the Live2D model.

A. This is because of the specification of Live2D drawing structure.
To be able to draw semi-transparent materials, try the following method:

With Unity, materials taken by several cameras are composed. Prepare another camera with the setting of "Clear Flags" as "Depth only", and make the value of Depth bigger than that of the main camera, then take a picture of what you want to display on the model with the camera.

Or you can use Render Texture, which is offered with Unity Pro version.
It is possible to avoid this problem by displaying the Live2D model with the Render Texture on the game object.
*Added on 22 Nov. 2013.
How to draw is added.
Refer to following each subject for details.

Q. Is it possible to display a Live2D model in a semitransparent way?

A. It is possible by using Render Texture, which is offered with Unity Pro version.
You can display a model in a semitransparent way by displaying a Live2D model with Render Texture on the game object, and change the setting of transparency of the game object itself.

Q. Is it possible to paint a color on a Live2D model as a whole by multiplication?

A. You can make setting from the function of Live2DModelUnity.getDrawParam().setBaseColor().

Q. The back side of a Live2D model is not displayed.

A. This error is fixed with SDK version 1.0.02.
Or if you do not want to display the back side, add the following command before setting the Texture.
Live2DModelUnity model;
    model.setCulling( true );//Validate the culling. (Do not display the back side)

Q. Tell me more about the two Live2D model drawing methods which were added in version 1.0.03_1.

A. Invoke Live2DModelUnity.setRenderMode()  just once and pass one of the following as a parameter.
・Live2D.L2D_RENDER_DRAW_MESH_NOW (The default setting value.)

If you use the setting of
Live2D.L2D_RENDER_DRAW_MESH, you can set Layer for a Live2D model.
Pass in the Layer value (the default is 0) to the parameter of Live2DModelUnity.setLayer().
You will now be able to overlap objects over the Live2D model.
*When you use the Live2D.L2D_RENDER_DRAW_MESH setting, make sure that the camera which renders the Live2D model has Projection set to Orthographic.

Q. When I execute Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets(), an error occurs and the model is not displayed.

A. This error is fixed with SDK version 1.0.04_1.
Please use the latest version.

Q. An error occurs during unzipping the downloaded zip file.

A. Errors may occur while unzipping the file if you use Lhaplus as a decompression software.
Try using another decompression software.