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Create a Model with Better Quality (preparing)

・When creating the movement of the head, you better to create the movement of the body X and Z as well to along to the head movement.
 If only the head turns around, it is like a movement of a robot.

・Think and visualize the real movement beforehand
 If the head and the body move exactly at the same time, it is also like a movement of a robot.
 You better to think and visualize the real movement beforehand like "the head turns around and the body move accordingly" or "the body turns around, then the head direction changes" etc.

・Add the body reaction
 A man cannot stop his/her movement instantaneously. Try to stop your arm movement and see the result.
 You think about stopping your arm, and move forward a little, then move back a little. Or when the moment that you try to stop comes, your whole movement becomes slowly.
 If you add these very detailed movements, the whole movement becomes more natural.

・Understand human movement
 When an individual turns around or changes the eye angle, he/she often blinks beforehand.
 When an individual moves while speaking, he/she often moves his/her head, body or arms when he/she starts speaking.

・Create an expressive face
 One of the advantages of Live2D is the ability to create a wide range of facial expressions smoothly.
 To create an expressive face, it is recommended to create many brow parameters to allow for detailed movement of the eyebrows.

・Create a variety of motion types
 The idling motion is made to be a slow motion, but if you create cheerful motions as well, the whole movement becomes lively with a variety of motion types.

・Hair swinging
  When it is needed, create the movement of hair swinging for animations.

・Create the movement according to the model's sexuality and character
 When creating a male character
  ・Make him a solid person with a stable movement.
  ・Do not make him incline his head often for the purpose of making him mannish. (It depends on his character.)

 When creating a female character
  ・Make her incline the head or the body more often to create a little childish movement. (It depends on her character.)