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Key Frame Interpolation Methods

At default,  key frame interpolations (motion in-betweens) are automatically made with nice curve (ease-in-out) to make the animation look smooth. = Auto curve interpolation.

[ / ] button next to each Motion Parameter is to cancel the eased curve and make it linear which makes the animation look more direct. = Linear interpolation.
Note: This Linear Interpolation function is in beta, and you cannot Undo.

*After changing it to linear interpolation, check off the parameter to hide the curve and then back on again to see the updated interpolation. 

・Auto curve interpolation
Interpolated values "ease-in" at the beginning and "ease-out" towards the end to make the animation smooth and natural. Using the interpolation methods is recommended in most situations.

・Linear interpolation
Interpolated values are linear, and animation becomes quick and robotic.