Basic Operation of Track

After placing the model, create motions.

Creating a motion is done by placing a key frame.
We are going to view the flow of the basic way to edit a key frame.

Click the open/close button of details to expand track and property as below.

There are three frames you can edit depending on the range of editing.

Track frame

A frame with a blue bar.
It indicates the starting and ending points with a pink bar.
You can select or edit all property groups in the track at once.

Property group

A frame with a green bar.
You can select or edit all properties in property groups at once.
You may use this function frequently, so you better to memorize it.


A frame with a yellow bar.
You can select or edit Motion Parameters
which were created in the Modeler tool separately.

When you look up the property of “Placement & Transparency”, you will find key frames on “Position” and “Zoom Factor”.
This is because you adjusted the position and size in the previous section.

Insert a key frame

Left-click the frame with pressing [Ctrl] to insert a key frame.

You can insert a key frame of its Parameter value by moving the slider of “Parameters” pallet after selecting the frame.

You can insert a key frame to the property to which it belongs at once by adding it to the track frame or property group frame.

Delete a key frame

You can delete a key frame by left-clicking it with pressing [Ctrl], or by clicking [Back Space] or [Dell] while selecting it.

Or you can delete a key frame by clicking [Back Space] or [Dell] with selecting it.

If you delete a key frame of trace frame or property group frame, you can delete the key frame of property to which it belongs at once, like the procedure of inserting one.

Copy and cut a key frame

After selecting a key frame, press [Ctrl] + [C] to copy, press [Ctrl] + [X] to cut, and press [Ctrl] + [V] to paste it.

Move a key frame

You can move the position of a key frame by dragging the selected one.

If you select several of them, you can move all of them at once.

Adjust Interval of key frames

Select several frames in a range, right-clicking to select “Adjust Interval” from the menu.

Or just click the icon as in the image.

Then “Change Interval” window appears. Enter the value for interval adjustment and click “Apply” button to change the interval.