Create and Manage Template Files

You can create a template button with your favorite name by selecting a key frame to click “New” button in “Template” window.

Templates of “Face Expression” with Motion Parameters of eye, brow, mouth, or cheek of each character will be useful.

Or template of blink will be also useful, as the motion of blinking will be frequently used.

Create a Template

You need to create a motion to be a basement of template first.

As an example, we create a motion of “Blink”, which is simple and is used frequently.
Add three key frames for each eye, and set the Motion Parameter value as “0” only for the middle of them.

Select the frame which you want to set as a template.

Click “New” button in “Template” pallet while selecting it.

Enter a template name in the new “Input” window and click “OK” button.

“Blink” button is added to “Template” pallet.

Clicking this “Blink” button to add a key frame which was set as a template.

Manage a Template File

Click “Folder” button in “Template” pallet.

Then the folder where the template file is saved opens.

If you store the template file in this folder to be shared, you can use it in the Animator tool.
Or you can use the template file if you store it in the folder.

Click “Update” button to reflect the change of file manager settings.

Now the settings are reflected in “Template” pallet to use the template.