Prepare to Create Motions

If you prepare the following items, creating procedure becomes quicker.


Using template, you can load standard motions of frequent use like expressions on the face or blinking.
Each template is stored in a file, so you can share the template motions when you work with several operators using motion data.

・File name of audio files

The Animator tool has a function to create a scene from an audio file automatically, and the scene name will be the name of the mtn file.
You better to remember it when naming audio files.

・Motion Parameters with motion settings

Typical standby applications with characters made by Live2D (hibikidokei, for example) and Motion Parameters of Breath or Hair can be created to move automatically, and do not need to set motions.
You better to check which Motion Parameters need motions beforehand.

・Exchange arm posing

If the model needs to exchange arm posing, you need to decide which part is displayed or hided according to the exchange of arm posing with staffs of Development Dept. in advance.