Load the Material and Place the Model

When you start the Animator tool, “Select Project” window appears to click “Creating a new project” button.

Make settings of “Scene Settings” with default values, if you have no special purpose.
After checking the default settings are “30 fps” for Frame Rate, and “640 x 480” for Size, click ok button.

Name the project and save it.

The edit window of the Animator tool appears.

If you find it difficult to access to “Material”, “Scene”, “Template”, and “Parameters” windows in the default setting, you can drag the window tabs to place where is easy to use for you. (Below image is an example.) 

Drag & drop a cmox file into the screen of the Animator tool.
(Or open a cmox file from “File” – “Open”.)

Then the model is displayed on the screen, adjust its size and position to be inside of the screen.

Drag the points of four corners to adjust the size with keeping the aspect ratio.
Drag them with pressing [Shift] to adjust the size without keeping the aspect ratio.