Chapter 4 Parameter settings for chibi characters(Live2D Cubism Modeler PRO)

    Parameter settings for making a chibi character

There are a variety of parameters we can use, but you may add or reduce if you prefer. 
(For model's movement to be versatile, you want more amount and details in the parameters)


First have a look at the tutorial chibi character.
As you can see, there aren't a lot of parts involved.
(Parts on the face are in separate layers)

(Import the PSD, apply the template, modify the polygons for blinking, 
modify the polgyons mouth opening, fix the rotation deformers that cause the arms to fall apart)

In other words, the character only does talking and blinking, and does not turn to different angles. 
The model serves a 2D purpose as it loses its 3D property.
However, with the reduced amount of work, such model can be completed much quicker.
(Emotional expressions are also relatively mild)

Chibi character focuses on a 2D appeal; only operating "blink" and "talk". 
We move on to the step-by-step procedure.
You may consider deleting some parameters if you prefer. 


As the character is horizontally oriented, 
it essentially has a major problems with the parameter "Angle X".

Click on the button "Set Parameter" in the "Parameter" palette.
Find "Angle X", select and delete it. 

Similarly, the "Body X" is a body rotation axis that creates a lot of distortions.
(The body looks as if it is dangling in mid-air when the body parts move)
Thus, also delete the "Body X"

Keep the parameter "Body Rotation Y" because it works fine.

For "Angle Z", you may scale down the rotational angle, just enough to make your character appear tilting the head.

"Smile" and "eyebrows" parameters are unnecessary, you may delete them.
Remember that a chibi character is intended to be a minimalized down to a few essential operations only.

※Of course, it is always possible to make a chibi model into a 3D operation with all the parameters fully setup.

Article copyright © 2015 Kuroi

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