Chapter 3 Switching between two materials; for "Closed eye" and "Smile"(Live2D Cubism Modeler PRO)

    Changing from "Closed eyes" to a "Sketched eye" while smiling

【1】Creating the flow of change

Normally in Live2D, the model has two forms of blinking: "Closed eye" (normal), or "Smile" (smiling). They are done by deforming the polygons of the original eye drawing objects ("Eyelash"). 
However, we can enhance the art style by replacing the drawing object with another variant. Comparison of the results is shown below.

To make the result, first return to Photoshop and open the source PSD file.
Draw the two forms of blinking, one referred as "closed eyes", the other as "smile".
You should have drawn 4 new parts in separate layers, name them "EyeR closed", "EyeL closed", "EyeR smile", and "EyeL smile".
(Refer these parts as "drawn eyes") 

Make a new copy of the current PSD file. Delete all the other layers.
Have only the "drawn eyes" parts remain. 
(The position of the new parts matter, please do not move them)
As shown below, on the left is the original PSD, and on the right is the "drawn eyes" only. 

Return to Live2D Cubism Modeler.
(Assuming you have done the setup in Chapter 2)
Go to the top menu and select "File" > "PSD import", and then import the PSD file of "drawn eyes".

The new "drawn eyes" parts should appear on the model.
On the "Parts" palette (on the left), you will notice a new group called "PSD2".
The 4 "drawn eyes" drawing objects are now categorized under PSD2.
(This import procedure is also how you may add new clothes and accessories to an established model) 

Let's make adjustments for "EyeL Open" parameter.
Select the new drawing object "EyeL closed", and set its parent deformer to one that is currently in control of the left eye components.
Adjust the value of "EyeL open" parameter to "0" (eyes at closed state). In this state, the "EyeL closed" drawing object should have its opacity at "100%". Other than that state, the rest of "EyeL open" parameter should have the "EyeL closed" drawing object at "0%" opacity, so that it is hidden. 
(Create a green Key Point near the far left of the parameter to push the "drawn eye" opacity to "0%" immediately, giving it a very short fade-out)

Adjust the polygon of the original "Upper Eyelash" to fit the new drawn part.
Set the drawing order of the new one above the original one for a better result.

Check result by moving the parameter slider. 
You should see that as the new "EyeL closed" part fade-out, the original "Eyelash" (that its shape is controlled by the deformer ) should remain appear.
After finishing the left eye, do the same to the right.

For "Smile", also go through the same procedure.
Have the new eyelash part hit 100% opacity when its "smiling", and "0%" otherwise.

There, "eyelashes that only appears at the moment of blinking" is how you give your model an anime touch.

Article copyright © 2015 Kuroi