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How to draw a character for Live2D (for artist)

Compatibility: Cubism 2.1 or later
(The following guide is using Cubism Editor 2.0. The visual of the references may look slightly different from the latest version)

Tutorial Author  : 黒井 (URL: 
Freelance illustrator. Currently working in social game projects.

Table of content

   Chapter 1 Drawing the character's source image (Photoshop CS5)
 From draft to completion of your original character in Photoshop, learn how to divide up the design into parts.

 Chapter 2   Creating the basic movements(Live2D Cubism Modeler  PRO)
 A walkthrough of a Live2D project's workflow. Demonstrates how to import, assemble, and adjust movements for    your character. 

 Chapter 3 Switching between two materials; for "Closed eye" and  "Smile"(Live2D Cubism  Modeler PRO)
  Refining the movements by taking a relatively "anime" approach.

 Chapter 4 Parameter settings for chibi characters(Live2D Cubism  Modeler PRO)
  Making a Chibi Character; a deeper understanding of parameters.

Sample Files

Sample files used for this tutorial can be downloaded from the links below. By using the file, you agree to read and accept the terms and conditions. 


「Chibi Harold」 chibi_harold.cmox

Harold movements harold.canx

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