This is a collection of tutorials made by individual expert Live2D users. They share their techniques and tips that you may need for enhancing your skills. 
(Calling for tutorial submissions, we welcome you to submit yours!)
 【Cubism2.1】New features and tutorial videos  
Introducing new features of Live2D Cubism 2.1. A total of 32 minutes of video tutorials to walk you through the creation of a model. It features the wonderful new tool "clipping mask function".

by Kuroi
 How to draw a character for Live2D usage
 (for artist users) 

 How do you draw for use of Live2D? Explained in Photoshop, this tutorial demonstrates the step-by-step  of preparing a texture material for Cubism Modeler to work with. 
 It includes the technique of texture swapping to provide the model a relatively anime style touch. 
 There are also tips and hints for advanced users.

by kutata
by noshipu
by Kuroi