#04 Distributing the App

    Creating a Certificate 

In order to publish an application, it is required to have an certificate.
The certificate does not need to be an official one.
Let's get a simple one that is for personal usage.

In the "bat" folder, there is a file called CreateCertificate.bat .
Right click it, and click "Execute",  and then a certificate is generated.
You will find a file with an extension "p12" in the project's folder. 

Password of the certificate can be set with the use of the SetupApplication.bat file.
The variable CERT_PASS determines the password.
Let's change the value here and create the certificate again.

    Creating the application file

Look for the file called PackageApp.bat at the top level of the project's file hierarchy.
This bat file is for compiling our application file.
Select "Execute" on the right-click menu.

Upon success, a folder named "air" with a file which has an extention .air are generated.
You are able to install the application and run it.

If you are unable to open the .air file, it may be due to AdobeAIR not installed yet.

As shown below, when you attempt to install the application, 
a warning prompts you about the issuer and certificate being unknown, but the installation is able to proceed,

Once completed, feel free to publish this app on the web!



Live2D SDK is available for free for indie usage.
Developers are free to modify the SDK codes for any Live2D related application developments. 

For further details about Cubism SDK application development, please see the menu on the left. 

Any question, request, or work to share, welcome to post it on our Live2D community forum:

Thanks for reading!