#02 Practicing with a sample file

   Live2D SDK

We need the Live2D SDK for Flash.
Please use the SDK of version 2.0 or higher. 

Click on the following link to see instructions for downloading the SDK.
The guide is for the Unity SDK, but the method to get the Flash one is just the same.

    Opening a project

Open the following file from the SDK folder.

FlashDevelop will automatically launch and open up the project.
At the top, let's begin with clarifying our set path to Flex. 
In the "bat" folder on the left, expand the folder to find and open the setupSDK.bat file.

At the line where it sets the "Path to FLEX_SDK", please correct it by setting the installation folder of Flex instead.

Next, click the Run button. 
It is the button on the toolbar with a triangle. 

The sample model Wankoromochi will be displayed. 
You may move it to a desired location by dragging it. 

Afterwards, we move on to changing the model to our own original model!