#01 Setup for Flash Development


Adobe AIR is a necessary component for Flash content to be able to run on multiple platforms.
Flash does not only perform in a browser. 
With AIR, you can run your Flash program on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

This tutorial is a guide to create a Live2D mascot on desktop. 

Previously, "Making A Desktop Mascot" explained how to make a desktop mascot with a dedicated tool.
This time, we will setup a development environment to make an original application that is ready for distribution.

This following reading does not require any knowledge in programming. Artists are encourage to make their own original application!

  Ideal Environment
This is the development environment we recommend:
  • Using Windows (Mac tutorial is now WIP)
  • Using FlashDevelop as the development environment (with default settings)
  • The information is based at the time it was created - 8 / 12 / 2014.

    Necessary Tools

  • Flash SDK ( Flex )
  • FlashDevelop
Flex is an open source SDK of Flash.
Adobe has transferred Flex to Apache in 2012.
FlashDevelop is a Flash development environment which is available for free.

    Installing Flex

Download Flex from Apache: 
Flex is a collection of multiple software, each having updates now and then independently. 
As shown below, when you start the Flex installer, it prompts you to select the version of various software. 
We need them in their up-to-date version. So, we can leave the options as default and proceed to the next step, click Next.

Enter the installation directory. 
Specify an empty folder. It can be in anywhere you like.

Choose the components to install.
Make sure you select (check the box) for the items that are labelled as "(Required)". 
Proceed by clicking INSTALL. Your files will be installed at the specified folder.

Once the files are installed into the specified folder, Flex installation is completed. 

    Installing FlashDevelop

Download FlashDevelop from the following link:

Go to the Download page and click on the newest version.
There is a download link in the page near the bottom, scroll down a little bit to find it.
Download the "Setup" file. 

Start the installer once it finishes downloading.

You may change the preferred language in the Locale section in the Settings screen.
Restart the program after the change.

    Setting the SDK Path

First, set the path to location of the Flex SDK that we've installed earlier. 
Open Tools > Preferences from the menu, and select AS3Context from the list on the left.
Select the item "Installed Flex SDKs".
Open the Settings window by clicking on the button to the right of the item which only appears when the item is selected. 
Then, hit the Add button.

In the Path field, specify the folder where the Flex SDK is installed.

The development environment is now all setup.
Good job!

We will learn how to run a sample model with the SDK next.