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01. The Basic Structure of SDK

CubismSDK offers SDK for a variety of platforms.
All SDKs share the same structure as the following:

 Live2D_SDK_[ Platform Name ]_[ version ]
    |--- lib
    |--- include
    |--- framework
    |--- sample    
    |--- ReadMe.txt

     Update log history and licence information.
     Also, there may be conditions exclusive for the platform specifically. Please read carefully. 

    lib folder
     This is the Library folder for .lib and .a environment settings.
     The library includes image rendering engine and motion playback mechanism for Live2D models. This is the core of the SDK. 
     Depending on the development environment, the content is generally the same, but the build configuration may vary, such as debugging tool.

    include folder
     For library with C++, the header files are located here.
     For other languages such as Java, this folder is absent.

    framework folder
     Files for Live2D's open source framework.
     Although the library covers all Live2D functions, open source is available for development purposes. It is encouraged to utilize this framework.

    sample folder
     Sample codes and projects for various development environment are included here. 
     With the suitable development environment installed, these samples can be immediately compiled and executed.
     These sample codes include the simplest method of rendering a Live2D model, and demonstrates how to use basic functions on the sample.