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03. Application Implementation

Live2D application implementation is available for the following 3 main methods:

1. Using just the library

This method offers the most flexibility, but requires an in-depth knowledge of the API to build for complicated functions.
It is because this method does not include data configuration tools for expression, physics, or pose. 
Implementing them would require developing them manually (alternatively, using the open source framework would be easier).

2. Using the framework along with other tools

Use the official open source framework that Live2D provides to build your app efficiently.
This framework aims to be app development oriented. It focuses on Live2D implementation. You may edit the code freely for your own needs.

3. Editing sample projects

The codes of the sample projects are based on this framework. Thus, most basic functions are implemented. 
Editing these sample projects is the quickest and easiest way to implement Live2D into your app.
Utilizing the JSON data file allows users to easily configure the model's performance.